Here are some of the stories Dan likes from all the places he's been published. Publication links go to Dan's author pages that list the rest of his stories.

Exploring the complicated link between volcanoes and religion                                        5/31/2018

Virtual Reality and Journalistic Ethics: Where Are the Lines?                                         9/27/2017

Fast-Tracking Drug Approvals at the FDA                                                                     9/4/2018

For Smart Companies, Perks for Parents are a Smart Strategy                                           6/17/2018

The 50 Best Places to Work for New Dads in 2018                                                         6/17/2018

Happy Kids Versus Resiliency: Why Anxious Parents Can Calm Down                           7/05/2019
You’re Not Making It Up: Parents Get Sick Way More Often                                         8/26/2019

Are Ear Tubes a Scam? No, But the Tympanostomy Tango is a Dance.                            10/11/2019

The Military Wants to Make AI That Mimics the Human Brain. ... There’s a Better Way.   4/11/2018

The Digital Afterlife is Open for Business. But It Needs Rules.                                            4/18/2018

To Protect Endangered Coral Reefs, Researchers Need Legal Recourse                                4/19/2018

AI Could Start A Nuclear War. But Only If We Let AI Start A Nuclear War                 4/24/2018

The [WH] AI Task Force Wants To Open the AI Floodgates. Here’s How They Should...     5/11/2018

Brain Scans Of Stressed Pilots Uncover A Big Problem With How We Do Science              5/22/2018

If DARPA Wants To Stop Deepfakes, They Should Talk To Facebook And Google            5/23/2018

Facebook Wants To Protect Your Nudes By Storing them as a “Digital Fingerprint”           5/23/2018

Microsoft Announces Tool To Catch Biased AI Because We Keep Making Biased AI          5/25/2018

Here’s What Ambien Can Actually Do To You                                                            5/30/2018

The Newly-Passed Right To Try Act Is Redundant And Risky                                           6/1/2018

Brain-Based Circuitry Just Made Artificial Intelligence A Whole Lot Faster                       6/12/2018

Was That Script Written By A Human Or An AI? Here’s How To Spot The Difference      6/14/2018

This Study On How Drinking Affects Health Is A Master Class In How To Do Bad Science  6/15/2018

A Pokémon Blockchain Takes Microtransactions To Their Inevitable, Insufferable End         6/19/2018

Artificial Consciousness: How To Give A Robot A Soul                                                   6/25/2018

Activists Are Being Responsible About Genetic Privacy By Turning Down 23andMe         6/25/2018

The Scientist Who Reevaluated The Drake Equation Still Thinks Alien Life is Out There    6/27/2018

Faulty Studies Mean Everything You Know About Nutrition Is Wrong                            7/2/2018

Artificial Intelligence Is Automating Hollywood. Now, Art Can Thrive                             7/18/2018

Most Of NASA’s Moon Rocks Remain Untouched By Scientists                                       7/20/2018

Virtual Reality Has Reached A “Tipping Point.” It’s Officially Here to Stay.                       7/23/2018

Pledging Not To Build Autonomous Killing Machines Is Ignoring The Real Problem           7/23/2018

The Rise Of An "Assassination Marketplace" Shows The Dark Side of Blockchain               7/26/2018

 Fortnite Didn’t Do Anything New. That’s Why It Will Shape The Future Of Gaming        8/9/2018

Explaining Its Decisions Isn’t Going To Make Twitter Better                                              8/9/2018

Pricey NYC Housing Now Has an Added Cost: Your Personal Data                                 8/14/2018

Freezing And Storing Donated Organs Could Eliminate Some Transplant Waitlists            8/15/2018

Sugar, Light, And A New Type of Chemistry — What It May Take To                           8/21/2018

Wean Us Off Fossil Fuels                                                                                                         

If We Ever Want Artificial General Intelligence, Governments Need To Invest In It          8/28/2018

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Could Run The World Better Than Humans Ever Could   8/29/2018

New Artificial Intelligence Does Something Extraordinary — It Remembers                       8/31/2018

Five Experts Share What Scares Them the Most About AI                                              9/5/2018

The World’s First Practical Quantum Computer May Be Just Five Years Away                 9/21/2018

When Will We Have Artificial Intelligence As Smart as a Human?                               9/24/2018

Here’s What Experts Think                                                                                                      

The Five Funniest Things about the SEC’s Lawsuit against Elon Musk                             9/27/2018

You Have No Idea What Artificial Intelligence Really Does                                          10/16/2018

An AI Conference Refusing a Name Change Highlights a Tech Industry Problem            10/26/2018

Why Should We Bother Building Human-Level AI? Five Experts Weigh In                       11/1/2018

Unless Governments Get Involved, Plant-Based Meat Won't Take Off                                11/6/2018

 Five Fun Tips To Help Delay Climate Catastrophe                                                         11/7/2018

The Metric System Is About To Get A Long-Anticipated Upgrade                                     11/9/2018

How Crypto Mining is Getting People Out of ICE Custody                                               11/16/2018

New Research Just Debunked 14 Classic Psychology Experiments                                      11/21/2018

A Startup Is About to Launch a Satellite Full of Fake Shooting Stars                                 1/17/2019

We Asked a Genetic Counselor About 23andMe’s New Cancer Test                                 1/24/2019

Exclusive: A Waymo One Rider’s Experiences Highlight Autonomous                              1/25/2019

Rideshare’s Shortcomings                                                                                                          

I Tried a VR App Meant to Replace Offices, and It Was Glorious                                      2/1/2019

Expert Slams Waymo Safety Data: “They Obviously Do Not Trust These Numbers”          2/14/2019

Scientists Are 99.9999 Percent Sure Humans Caused Climate Change                                   2/26/2019 

AI Trained on Decades of Food Research Is Making Brand-New Foods                                3/1/2019

Scientists’ New Goal: Make the ISS Bathroom Less Disgusting                                          3/20/2019

New Study Suggests Adult Brains Might Grow New Neurons                                        3/26/2019

This Ebook Company Is Trying to Make Reading More Like Videogames                          4/2/2019

A Sticker Can Trick Teslas Into Steering Toward Oncoming Traffic                                   4/2/2019

This Neural Implant Accesses Your Brain Through The Jugular Vein                                 4/7/2019

Someone Listed a T-Rex on eBay, and Paleontologists Are Furious                                    4/18/2019

SpaceX Won’t Admit That Its Crew Capsule Exploded                                                  4/23/2019

Expensive US Drug Trials Are Pushing Pharma Research Overseas                                  4/25/2019

Facebook's New Dating Feature Prompted Audible Groans                                             4/30/2019

People Are Roasting Jeff Bezos' Ridiculous Space Habitats                                                5/10/2019

23andMe Is Updating Ancestry Results Without Telling Users                                      5/22/2019

Why Someone Hid a Giant Dong on the Ethereum Blockchain                                          6/6/2019

A Startup Is Suing Facebook, Princeton For Stealing Its AI Data                                        6/7/2019

A New Subreddit Celebrates Bizarre Fake News Written by AI                                       6/11/2019

This Harvard Prof Is Listing Genes That Could Make You Superhuman                            6/12/2019

George Church Told us Why He's Listing Superhuman Gene Hacks                                  6/13/2019

“Climate Apartheid” Is Imminent. Only the Rich Will Survive.                                        6/27/2019

Scientists Are Calling for More Dogs in Space                                                                6/27/2019

People Are Begging Elon Musk to Drill Holes in Their Skulls                                             7/17/2019

Baseball Coach Ejected for Fighting With Robot Umpire                                                  7/19/2019

This Attempt to Simulate the Human Brain Fell Amazingly Flat                                    7/23/2019

According to a Neural Network, Luke Skywalker Is a Surfing Baseball Player                  7/25/2019

We Took a Ride on NYC’s First Self-Driving Shuttle                                                        8/7/2019

Those Obviously-Fake Amazon Warehouse Workers Are Still Tweeting                          8/15/2019

If You Were Worried DJs Were Working Too Hard, This Idiotic AI                                8/15/2019

Literally Picks Songs For Them                                                                                                 

Elon Musk Really, Really Wants to Nuke Mars                                                             8/16/2019

Doctor Behind Failed "Anti-Aging" Blood Clinic Tries Again                                             9/4/2019

This Researcher Is Gathering Dick Pics to Test Penis-Detecting AI                                        9/6/2019

With Looming Ban, People Are Plotting to Hoard Juul Pods                                             9/12/2019

MIT Scientist Says He Doesn't Think Pedophilia Is Okay Anymore                                   9/16/2019

A Derelict Space Habitat May Crash Into an old Russian Satellite                                    9/17/2019

Meet the Doctor Who's Livestreaming Human Autopsies                                               9/25/2019

Yahoo Engineer Admits He Hacked User Accounts To Hunt For Nudes                            10/2/2019

This Awful Tabloid Predicts a Killer Asteroid Almost Every Day                                     10/11/2019

This Startup Says it Can Analyze Your DNA to Detect if You're Gay                              10/15/2019

The NYT Fired the Person who Protects its Reporters from Hackers                                 10/23/2019

“Blade Runner” Was Set This Month. Where Are Our Flying Cars?                                   11/1/2019

People Are Posting Their Genitals on Reddit to get STI Diagnoses                                       11/6/2019

This Ingenious Hat Blocks Facial Recognition                                                                  11/7/2019

Ambrosia Is Back to Selling Transfusions of Youg People's Blood                                        11/9/2019

Sophia the Robot Says it Doesn't Have Sex, Confusing Creators                                          11/11/2019

Elon Musk Claims Neuralink Can "Solve" Autism, Schizophrenia                                     11/14/2019

State Of

The Hidden Innovations Behind America's Railways                            Web&March 20, 2018 Issue

Charity Lets You Mine Monero to Post Bail                                                                         1/3/18

Finland Is the Mobile Data Capital of the World                                                               1/22/18

Pivotal Commware Will Start Selling Its Software-Defined Antenna for                                         

Holographic Beamforming This Year                                                                                 2/5/18

To Make Better Prostheses, We Need Better Biology                                                      12/19/2017

This Bulletproof Curtain Could Protect Students From Gunmen                                          3/8/2018

The Cooper Square Review

The Secret to World Domination [Book Review]                                                            12/13/2017

Sitting on a Gold Mine: How Used Bathroom Tissue Could Generate Electricity                      9/19/17

To Keep AI from 'Eating a Table,' Scientists Make It Read Wikipedia                                  9/26/17

Mourning Mom? Macaque Carries Daughter's Mummified Corpse for 4 Weeks                    9/27/17

Concussions May Hit Girls Harder Than Boys                                                                    10/2/17

Recipe for a Replicant: 5 Steps to Building a Blade Runner-Style Android                              10/6/17

What Trump's IQ Contest Would Really Show                                                                10/12/17

Octopus-Inspired Robots: Silicone Skin Can Change Texture for '3D Camouflage'                   10/13/17

When Your Body Needs Nourishment, Your Brain Eats First                                            10/20/17

Scientists Want to Help You Have Lucid Dreams                                                            10/24/17

How a Squirrel May Have Infected a Medieval Woman with Leprosy                              10/27/17

Smile (or Not): Photos Can Be Animated to Show Expressions                                              12/4/17

Why You May Hear a Loud Boom When Watching This GIF                                           12/5/17

Just How Rare Is That Giant Python Captured in the Everglades?                                        12/11/17

AI-Driven Robot Learns the Meaning of Love, on Paper at Least                                          2/21/18

Why Can't My Dog Operate Heavy Machinery?                                                             5/22/17

The Problem With Exosuits                                                                                            5/24/17

The Psychology of Why Companies Should Embrace Summer Fridays                                5/24/17

Science Explains Why People Stick Foreign Objects Up Their Butts                                      5/26/17

Brains of Sex-Having Voles Shows How Love Looks in Real Time                                        5/31/17

Deep Brain Stimulation Could Revolutionize Mental Health                                                  6/1/17

The Doctor of the Future is a Computer that Says When You Will Die                                 6/2/17

Scientific Paparazzi Catch Aardvark Sneaking a Quick Drink                                              6/5/17

Researchers Unleash Database of Atari Gameplay to Teach A.I.                                            6/5/17

How American Codebreakers Helped Win the Battle of Midway --- 75 Years Ago                 6/6/17

What the Monkey Brain Can Tell Us About Schizophrenia                                                 6/8/17

This is Your Brain on Empathy                                                                                        6/8/17

Why Scientists are Putting Dinosaur Poop in Particle Accelerators                                         6/8/17

This Robot Worm Might Perform Your Next Colonoscopy                                                  6/19/17

Piers Morgan Sexually Harassed a Robot on Live TV                                                         6/21/17

Physicists Explain how 'Spider-Man' Never Spins Out of Control                                          7/10/17

Ravens Are Smarter Than Human Children                                                                      7/13/17

Genetics Research Explains Why Dogs Are Very Good Boys                                                7/19/17

Reddit Study on Ideal Penis Size Consistent With Dick Science                                            7/26/17

Marvel's Avengers From the Year 1,000,000 B.C. Can't Be Humans                                    7/28/17

Cersei's Horrifying Punishment for Ellaria Sand Will Take 10 Rotten Weeks                          7/31/17

Sex Robot CEO Says Some Customers are 'Men Going Their Own Way'                                8/2/17

How Rising From the Dead Changed Jon Snow's Sex Life                                                     8/11/17

3 Fatal Injuries That 'Game of Thrones' Characters Survived, Explained                                8/14/17

Scienceline has a special place in Dan's heart. Formerly the editor-in-chief then

managing editor of this ongoing project for NYU's science journalism master's students,

Dan had the great privilege and pleasure of working with

talented peers such as LeslieEllen, Eleanor and Nicole.


Where the hell is everybody?                                                                                        10/17/16

Physicists are in the dark on dark matter                                                                          12/14/16

Loosening up under pressure                                                                                          12/27/16

We might have just elected a nightmare AI thought experiment                                           1/3/17

I Just Need Some Spacetime — Separating Twins with Special Relativity                                1/11/17

This is Robocup [Video]                                                                                                   2/8/17

De-extinction debunked: what we didn’t learn from Jurassic Park                                         3/22/17

I got drunk off absinthe and didn't hallucinate. What gives?                                              3/29/17

Turning roundworms into flatworms                                                                                4/10/17

You're full of shit, and you're going to have to deal with that                                             4/19/17

Your virtual butler is coming. You know, eventually [Podcast]                                           5/10/17  Cleanliness is next to ratlessness [Video]                                                                           5/15/17  The frustrating quest to define consciousness                                                                       6/7/17

Science has a negativity problem                                                                                     7/10/17

Artificial intelligence pioneers need to stop obsessing over themselves                                    9/18/17

Hey gang, crystals will not cure your cancer                                                                     9/21/17

The (de-)evolution of the bulldog                                                                                    9/25/17


The Swordsman's Standard is a writing project that Dan developed after binging Game of Thrones and being pleasantly impressed by the fight choreography. The site is full of essays Dan wrote where he uses his fencing expertise to evaluate and rank the characters of movies and

shows based on realism rather than theatrics.


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